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Pagoda Brand Origin

The Pagoda brand has its origins in Hopoh, Guangdong province, China, the birthplace of its founder, Liew Kee Yin. Inspired by the Pagoda built in the 19th century that had withstood flood, famine and drought through the years, Liew Kee Yin decided to use the Pagoda as the brand and trademark to symbolise strength and tenacity.

The Menglembu Story

Menglembu Groundnuts has its roots in a small town called Menglembu, situated near Ipoh in Malaysia. It all began in the early 1940s when a local resident by the name of Mr. Lee discovered a unique way of processing groundnuts in shell and named it after his hometown. Tasty, crunchy and aromatic, the name "Menglembu groundnuts" was synonymous with the method of processing rather than the name of the town and soon these all-season groundnuts became Malaysia's favourite snack food.

Click HERE to read more about the process of producing these great tasting nuts.



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